One lipstick, many uses

5 years ago

Okay so the above image is kind of freaky but lets focus on the post....Here is cool things you can do with lipsticks...*I am writing them from top of my head so ask me if you have any questions*
1. Suppose you bought a new lipstick, and uh-oh it is need to frown my lovely, just place it in an empty pot and use it with a lip brush.
2. If you are finish with the tube, don`t throw away, you can still scoop out a lot of product from the base. Either scoop it out and place it in a pot or you can just use lip brush whenever you want that color.
3. If your lipstick is broken and you don`t want to pot it, you can try this...take a liter and for 5-7 seconds heat up the base of broken lipstick and then hold it in the place with firm pressure. Now stick it in freezer for 10 minutes. Hopefully when you try using it, it will be as good as new or before it was broken :)
4. Here are my favorite tips...take unwanted lipstick or chunk of it and put it in a small pot, now add gallop amount of vaseline, you can add vitamin E, essential oil (but be careful with the amount), shea butter, oh so many wonderful things, and cover the pot and put it in hot water. Be careful pot doesn`t go upside down or there will be a mess. Now you have a product that can be used as lip gloss.
5. With the above tip, you can make it little more thick consistency by adding less of oils and more of vaseline and lipstick. You can even experiment it with different colors.
6. If you choose to follow number 5, then you will have more like lip balm. This can even be effective as cream blush. I had added little aloe vera gel and glycerine in my experiment. And you will not believe but I even applied it to my eyelids and it did not crease for a while.
7. For a lip tint, no need to buy a new product...either you can use above tip but it will have a shin to it because of vaseline and oils. If you want a matte finish, instead of applying lipstick in old manner, you can gently dab lipstick over your lips. This will give you that natural tint without the sheen.
8. If you have shades of brown, you can use it to contour.

Hope this has helped few of you....and do mention if you have your own tips. Just imagine the possibilities. These are some that I tried by reading or thought of.

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