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Hi luuuxers I woke up this morning so early to go for walk but it looked too sunny to go for a walk so I decided to just watch tv and our Australian morning show Sunrise when I was seeing girls goo freaken crazy just waiting for One Direction. I mean like the group was gonna perform at 8am but girls were camping out at like 9pm the day before. CRAZY! The Sunrise studio was soo packed with fans all huddled up waiting for them to show up on this big glass thingy where they can look out to the fans. I felt sorry for the fans because they didn`t get to hear them sing but just saw a glance which wasn`t enough for some girls. I thought it was unbelievable by how many people mostly girls showed up just to see a glance of them. I found it funny when the girls saw the boys because some girls like had trouble breathing and most screamed and cry which i found very entertaining. Our weather at the moment is very cold so I dont know how these girls can stay out all night just to see a glance of One Direction. But on the other channel which is Channel 9 Today, the boys were interviewed in a studio where some girls are lucky enough to be sitting in the audience, one lucky girl was chosen from the crowd and get to hug them, She jumped on the guys touching there face like a weirdo. It was hilarious the guys were looking at her like What the hell? haha i would`ve been the same. I cant believe the girls in the crowd didn`t come running on the stage to hug them or tackle them because unlike outside inside of the studio had no cops to `secure` the guys. So yeh today was one of the funniest mornings ever. I `m not a fan of One Direction so thats why I wouldn`t understand why these girls are crying for.
1.So has One Direction come around your town or country?
2. Do you like them or there songs?
3. And are you fan that you would cry when you see them?
I`m just curious on what you guys think of them so comment below :DD
* images is not mine*
If you would like to see the video of fans crying and waiting for One Direction just click sourcelink below:DD
Heres the source link of the images:
This sourcelink ^^above is of fans chasin what was supposedly One Direction van that they were in. You should watch it its crazy what fans mostly girls would do to see them
*All credist go to the owner of these images*

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