One Direction new video!

3 years ago

Hey Guys!

It`s on the news in evry pop webpage that one direction have a new music video for the song `you and I` I kind of avoided watching this just because I`m not really that interested in them, but I ended up caving in.

The video is pretty simple, but the song is so pretty, the lyrics is so cute and I really like the fact that they chose to keep the music video simple and all about the song.

Now, being one direction it had to come with some type of drama. I don`t know if you guys know Tyler Oakley. He is a very popular youtuber and he got the chance to interview the boys some time ago. Well, Tayler is a very influencial social media type of guy and when he criticized Liam for something that he did that had to do with homofobia all the one direction `fandom` went mad at him.

But the thing is that, when this video was released yesterday Tyler said that it was pretty good and that he liked it and all 12 years old fangirls went crazy because he dared to say anything again about the loves of their lives. Now, how ridiculous is that?

I mean, I was once a 12 years old girl, but man this idol thing is getting out of control. These girl genuinely think that they own a person that they don`t even know, how crazy is that? I`m just really sad at how everything nowadays is about `fandoms` against `fandoms`. And who the hell started calling it `fandom`? I mean in my time we were just fans LOL

Anyways maybe I`m too old for this, I don`t knoe, but let me know what you guys think.



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