Once you go Mac, you never go back D

I got my first laptop in the 7th grade, it was a gold Sony Vaio. I was SO excited to get it! My sister just got a red one and we somehow always end up with the same electronics. Then my dad went out and bought himself a Macbook Pro and it was the best thing ever. I wanted one too. Then after a while, the Vaio started messing up and shutting down and it just wasn`t working out. Then- the vaio starting shocking me! I kid you not, an electric shock on the metal band around the wrist area. Not a shock that could knock you out, but a shock like when you get shocked from a car door or something. Anyways, on one birthday of mine, my parents let me get a 13 inch macbook pro. They were on sale for like $200 dollars cheaper because it was Memorial Day weekend. Anyways, this is absolutely the greatest laptop ever. I`ve never had any issues with it. I never get viruses and I rarely get pop ups. My house is pretty much converting everything to Apple- iphone, ipod, ipad, imac, macbook pro, apple tv, time capsule. We`re an Apple family :)

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