Once Upon A Time

This is one of my fave series out there right now! It`s Once Upon a Time by ABC and it is such a creative show! It incorporates all the fairytales we used to hear growing up and makes an awesome storyline filled with so much drama!

So basically Snow White and Prince Charming are about to get married, but the evil queen stops them and transports them to a place where "Happy endings don`t exist" AKA...Earth!

Now all the characters are trapped in Storybrooke and they have no recollection of their past whatsoever until one day, a woman named Emma sees her 10 year old son Henry (whom she gave up at 18) and he tells her that he has a story book with all of them together and that Emma is "the only one who can save everybody".

Turns out, Emma is the daughter of Snow White and the Prince! Now she has to convice everybody that their under a spell made the evil witch who is now the mayor of Storybrooke. Snow White is now an elementary teacher (Henry`s teacher), the prince is in a coma, Rumpelstiltskin is a pawnshop owner, Jimminey Cricket is Henry`s therapist, Little Red Riding Hood is a waitress, Cinderella is a maid and there are many many more characters!

It stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Lana Parrilla, Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle and many more wonderful actors.

You guys should watch it! It`s such an addictive series!

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