Once Upon a Time - A bit confusing

5 years ago

I posted some weeks ago that Once Upon a Time was going to premier here and i planned on start watching. I set up my dvr to record the show but for some reason the dvr decided not to record it and only this week i got to set it up again to record but it was already on ep.3.
I thought it was okay and since i only missed 2 episodes i would get the story. Well, i was wrong and i was confused with parts.

Even with seeing the part "previously on..." i didn`t got much of the story. I got that it has fairy tale characters and in this one part of it was with snow white but with a different story than the one we know because in here snow white was running from the queen and was a thief. It seems that there are 2 different worlds, but i don`t know if the fairytale one is real or not, like other dimension. I also noticed that the kids mother is a bit shady but i didn`t get why.
There are parts of it that i didn`t understood but the normal parts of the story were nice and enjoyable. I need to watch the first 2 episodes to see if i get the point of the story.
One thing i noticed was the special effects/computer work in some of the scenarios, they seemed good and well done for a tv show.

<strong>Have you seen once upon a time? Do you like it?</strong>

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