On the Set of Pretty Little Liars! - Warner Brothers Studios in LA

4 years ago

On the Set of Pretty Little Liars!

I took a trip to Los Angeles with my family for my cousins wedding this summer. I was last there in November and I was excited to go back since there were a lot of things I didnt get to do on my last trip.

One of the coolest things I got to do on this trip to LA was visit the Warner Brothers studio and the set of Pretty Little Liars. One of my friends husband actually works at Warner Brothers for PLL, so he was able to get us on-set passes, and take us around the set before filming started for that day! It was really cool to see the set and the neat little tricks they use while filming. The set is almost entirely indoors with a lot of the different sets connected to one another. Its really weird walking through Ezras apartment, only to end up in Hannas kitchen! Down another hallway, and youre in Rosewood High!
He also showed us how the wall and certain windows and things are removed or changed to create a different room. For example, the classroom you see in the first picture is actually the same room used as the cafeteria, except they add shutters so you cant see the courtyard outside. Cool, huh?

Most of the set and the girls homes are in the one big lot designated for them, but Arias house is actually one of the few that is actually a full size home. Its on a different part of the lot that is a whole row of houses that is used in a bunch of movies and TV shows. The end of that street serves as the main road in Rosewood, and has also served as the sets of Hart of Dixie and the main town square in Gilmore Girls (the one with the gazebo).

I felt super lucky to be able to go around and see everything. We got to go on our own private tour during his lunch break, and ran into a few other tours, except we got to go into parts of the sets that the others arent allowed to see. The tours are kinda expensive, so I wouldnt have had a chance to go otherwise!

1st picture - Rosewood High classroom/cafeteria
2nd picture - Ezra`s apartment
3rd picture - Hanna`s Foyer
4th picture - Hanna`s Kitchen


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