On the perils of being a nanny...

So, as you already know, I joined my boyfriend in Switzerland this year.
As a young graduate that has zero experience other than the 5 years cramming in college and a one year internship and that is not that comfortable speaking French the job perspectives are...let me think...Zero!
Yep, unless you happen to know someone in the business it`s hard.
So, as I hate being stuck home and the Web is always tempting me to buy stuff I can`t afford (Hmf) I started working as a nanny/babysitter.
I`m telling you, it`s hard! If you`re lucky to find a cute nice kid then it`s Ok.
But if you find, like lucky me, two german monsters that don`t get a clue of what you`re saying and who think that the only way to have fun consists in picking up heavy trucks and throwing them as hard as they can then...well...you`re pretty much doomed.
The other day I worked from 8am to 6:30 pm... Can you imagine? More than 10 hours straight?
Among the many things that happened that day the lowest low was definitely the play-doh situation.
Imagine making lunch with two cowboys screaming and running around the kitchen... Then the little 1 year old comes grinning at you with his hand stretched. And you think: "Aww, they`re not so bad after all!"
And then you notice that the play-doh he just gave you is wet.
What the hell?!
And you try to ask him in English/Portuguese/French/Whatever why the heck is the play-doh wet....
And the two little monsters start roaring with laughter pointing to the bathroom.
(There is no faucet in that bathroom....)

Oh shit. They totally just put the play-doh in the toilet and gave it to me.

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