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im going through all his old songs. This one was one of my favorites that he had it means all my life. i found the full English translation. And here are the words in "arablish" which is practically English lettering for the Arab words enjoy if you love Arabic music!
Ya hawa rooh w elo
Elo kteer eshtaatelo
Law bado omri kolo

Lama ya hobi tredo
Rah kamel omri hado
Nar etafeelo bardo
W dafeeh

Redo ya hawa el aandi
Aserli el masafat
Hamel bi eedi wardet
Ahat w zekreyat

Habeebi yal bhebo
Albi maalaa bi albo
W aam bahlam feeh

Bghaneelo mab yesmaani
Hata yehen w ye`sha`ani
Men youm ely wadaani bnadeeh

Nayamt el soora hadi
Ghafait aalem khadi
Ghamadht oyouni w badi dafeeh
Oh love go tell her
tell her I miss her so much
if she want my life..,
I`ll give it away

when you bring her back,Love
I`m gonna spend the rest of my life with her
I`ll be the the fire that melt her ice
and warm her

bring her back to me , Love
make the road shorter to me
I`m holding a rose in my hand
sighs and memories

the one I love
my heart is attached to her heart
and I am dreaming of her

I sing but she never listen
so I can get her to miss me and embrace me
since the day she left .. I`m calling her

I kept her picture beside my bed
and I slept on the pillow
I closed my eyes and wanted to warm her
it doesnt make much sense in english but you get what it means
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