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As you know, I already have 2 tattoos. One on my wrist and the other on my right side, back of the shoulder. As you also must know, my parents are against me getting tattoos. They only find out about the tattoo after the fact.

<em>I got the first one on my wrist when I turned 18. It tickled. My mom found the receipt about a month later and my dad saw it because he saw me washing dishes one day and when he asked me, I told him it was permanent. His words exactly (except translated into English) were, "if you get another one, you`re going to get it removed."
Then, January 13th, came around and my friend wanted to go to a tattoo parlor, as did I and we went. I got my back of the shoulder done. It didn`t hurt. My mom found out about it in March. My dad found out about it in May, mostly because he made me angry and I showed him out of spite. </em>

There was always one tattoo that I have planned on getting for about 3 years or so. I just couldn`t decide what design to do. I decided to go simple.

I spoke to my best friend about it and she agreed to go with me when I got it done.

Recently, my major`s advisor at school told me that I could drop a class and that another class I took would substitute the credits. So I got my money back for that class. All $432 dollars.

Last weekend, I decided that this week would be the week that I would get tatted. And I kept my promise to myself and did it on Tuesday. It cost me a whopping $125 but worth every penny. Because I absolutely love it. This one, however, hurt but it didn`t hurt too much. I didn`t cry or scream, like I thought I would. I just bit down or moved my feet every time the needle hit a spot that hurt. My tattoo is latin for, ` Love conquers all `.

<em> I predict my parents finding out about this tattoo, in the summer. </em>

My best friend got one as well on her wrist. It`ll be easily covered up by any bracelets or watches. You would say that I peer pressured her into it but I didn`t. <strong> I Swear.</strong> I just said that I would give her the $30 because all she had on her was $20 to complete the price of her tattoo. Plus, ever since I got my first tattoo, she`s been saying that she wanted a tattoo. So in actuality, about damn time. She got her birthday, August 26th, tattooed on her. Only difference is, the 8 is an infinity sign. & Its more because she has a fraternal twin sister... (i forgot her meaning for this but i remember it being sweet) She`s already thinking of getting another one.

Tattoo can get addicting. Its true

I am already thinking of getting another one in December when I go to Florida for a wedding. I`m thinking of a small skull with heart eyes. I just don`t know where to place it. I have this fascination with skulls. I just think they`re cute. I`m thinking of making mines either a plain skull with heart eyes or a sugar skull with heart eyes. Either way, they`ll have heart eyes.

For some reason, my cousins are shocked every time they hear, Karina got a tattoo. They were shocked by the first one. Second one, only one knows but they like to talk, so it`ll get around. Third one, I`ll just tell them in December, when I see them.
I`m sure, I`m the only cousin with tattoos, I think I`m the only family member with tattoos.

<strong>Do any of you have tattoos?

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