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4 years ago

not worth it.

This is the "Blossom" case made by SwitchEasy. When this case was first released it was about $30, yes you read correctly THIRTY dollars. I was on amazon almost everyday stalking the price tag. All that stalking saved me a couple bucks because the price eventually did lower and I bought the pink one for $24 plus shipping. This phone comes in two pieces, one covers the silver part of the iPhone and the other piece slides on. I`d like to mention that I`m pretty good at not dropping my phone, but when I do my face is like :O

I dropped it today :(

My case didn`t do well on impact, since it is two pieces it just broke apart. Its not broken I can put it back together, but the point for me to have a case is to protect my phone from having a shattered glass (which didn`t happen, thank goodness). It`s very pretty and all and the 3D design is awesome, but I just don`t trust this to keep my phone safe. I expected it to be more sturdy considering it was $30 when released. If you do happen to want this case it is now being sold for less than $9.00 (but don`t quote me amazon`s prices vary). The real question is will you go for looks or protection?

3D design is beautiful.
Receives compliments

Cheap plastic
Did not fit correctly when sliding into place
Does not stay in one piece after a fall
Loud vibration when on a hard surface

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