OMG The Great Gatsby Movie

4 years ago

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I loved this book in high school. In fact, we spent almost a quarter year on analyzing this book. I loved everything about it...the idealism, the mystery, the era, the excitement, the yearning...etc. We watched the Robert Redford 1974 film too. I fell in love with Robert Redford after seeing it, but that`s another story. Anyways, I`m so glad they`re making another movie with Leo of all people. He`s such a great actor and the casts consist of reknown actors too. So, I think this movie has a lot of potential. From the trailers, it looks like they really paid attention to details when it came to the set. I remember the eyes being mentioned in the book and I saw it in the trailer. I think Michelle Williams might have been a better pick for Daisy, though. She just has that ethereal quality that Daisy is supposed to have. I think Leo makes a great Gatsby and Toby is a good Nick. I hope this movie is well done. Although, the soundtrack is questionable. I mean come on, Kayne West and Jay Z for a 1920`s movie???!!! I know that they`re trying to draw the younger I forgive them.

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