OMG Luuux when is this glitch gonna be over!!!

4 years ago

hey luuuxers,
so all the way back in the beginning of july i tried to order something after and they wouldn`t let me. Like when i clicked review order on the checkout page it would just reload the same page. So i contacted this one lady that i guess works for luuux or whatever. Anyway she said it was just a small glitch and will fix in like a few daays or something. Its been almost 2 months and like 1 or 2 times a week i log in to see if it would let me checkout but it won`t. Luuux please fix this " small glitch" quickly because i want to order already. I know that someone will just comment and tell me to fix all my posts and what not cause it will delay my order but i don`t care. I just want to order first then fix. Can someone please tell me when this problem is gonna be fixed cause im getting kinda mad.
pic is not mine its from the sourcelink

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