OMG another shocker news from Kardashian family

Hello guys !

Haha i just have to write about Kardashians ! And yeah it will be another shocking thing... Do you remember my last post, when i was writing about Kim`s first time ? Lots of you said nooo, it must be a joke but... it WASN`T ! How do we know it ? Because this time Kris said about it ! I was writing that Kim had first time when she was 15 but Kris said Kim was 14 ! And, that all her daughters start taking birth control pills in that age not only Kim!!! Holy sh*t ! She said that first from all the girls was Kim and the last was Kendall !! I can`t believe that also the youngest Kardashians, Kylie and Kendall are also taking pills. It`s not good for that young girls. It`s not some pills for flu but pills with hormones ! It`c crazy, really i was like :OOOO when i read about it. It`s hard to write more because honestly i don`t know what to say.
What do you think ?

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