Omelet Breakfast

5 years ago

My sister made me breakfast this morning! :) I even saw her make it too, lol. First, she beat two eggs together in a bowl and mixed in slices of cherry tomatoes and spinach. And that`s it lol! Then she just fried it on the frying pan.

I thought that it looked very delicious and appetizing, but it wasn`t :/ It had no flavor and the spinach was just bleeh. The cherry tomatoes were good, though. They were juicy and had a slightly sweet taste to them.

I almost never have omelets, mainly because I prefer fried or scrambled eggs. I usually never add any other ingredients to them either except black pepper.

I didn`t end up finishing the omelet.. it was a lot! I was surprised because I could eat 3 scrambled eggs but not 2 eggs made into an omelet.

Do you prefer omelets or scrambled eggs?

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