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So I recently ombred my hair at home and it was super easy. I love ombre hair since its a little different and you can have two colours at once, which is awesome. If you want to get this ombre look, I can share with you some of the tips that me and my mum did to get this style. However, I will say that I am not a hair dresser/professional, I am just letting you guys know what we did and what works for us.

Day Old Hair: I have been told that when dying your hair, especially bleaching that it is better to use day old hair. I believe that the natural oils in your hair will protect your hair better from all the damage that will be done.

Bleach: Do not use house hold bleach ahahaha. When buying bleach, I prefer to use the powder bleach, then use a developer (I use vol 20). When mixing the bleach, I believe the ratio is roughly 50/50, but their all different, so read the label. I like to leave the bleach sit for a second to develop since I felt when I didnt let it wait it didnt work as well.

Applying: When it comes to applying, I guess there isnt a set way to do it. I just used a brush to apply it to the ends, then wrapped it in foil. I allowed the bleach to sit for 40 minutes, then I was done.

Treatment: After bleaching, your hair is very damaged; so take care of it. After I bleached my hair, I used shampoo and conditioner for dry/coloured hair. I then used a conditioning 2 minute treatment. After the shower, I used a conditioning balm and waited for my hair to dry. After that, I used two types of leave in conditioner and some Argon oil. Doing the after shower treatments on my hair everyday and the shower treatment every 2nd - 3rd day really helped and after a week my hair felt normal. I no longer do as much treatment to my hair, but still some.

Done :)

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