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3 years ago

So I may be a couple of years late on the trendas I typically am with most thingsbut I am so excited to finally try the ombre effect!
Mind you, I had a very painful experience with bleach last summer, which left me looking like Cruella de Villeso I was very, VERY cautious this time around and took baby steps.

I don`t like splurging on salon treatments if it is something I can do at home, so I opted for an at-home dye and grabbed one of the Feria Wild Ombre l`Oreal kits. The shade was N1, although my hair is definitely not dark brown, but I told youbaby steps for me.

So here I was, clutching the box nervously, reading and re-reading the instructions and watching every single DIY ombre video I found on YouTube. And after a week of counting the pros and cons of DIY hair bleaching I was ready. The kit comes with a tube of lightening creme, applicator bottle of developer creme, sachet of lightening powder, conditioning shampoo, brush and pair of gloves.
I started by giving the hair a good brush - you wouldn`t want any tangles when you start applying the bleach with that tiny brush! Then put on a towel around so that you don`t get dye all over your top. I opted for the much more fashionable garbage bag shirt, because I didn`t what to sacrifice any of my towels. :)

The instructions say to part your hair in two and start applying on the back layers first and the ends of your hair, slowly working your way up. I wanted my ombre to start from around ear height and not to look too fakey, but to kind of naturally blend in, so when I reached that part I turned the brush vertically and brushed in the dye ever so slightly.

I left it in for around 35 minutes (checking every 2 seconds if something was going wrong lol!) Washed it off with the itty-bitty conditioning shampoo provided in the kit and it is the best EVER! I am convinced l`Oreal isn`t making this shampoo available for purchase, just to make people buy the dyes with it in them. Sooo good Made my hair so smooth and shiny, I love it!

You can see a before and after in the photos to this post.
Verdict: I love it! Mine is a very subtle ombre, because I had naturally lighter hair. For now - I just love it and when summer comes around I might consider going lighter, probably with the N2 dye.

Colours available:
N1 - Medium to Dark (the one I used)
N2 - Dark Blonde to Light Brown
N3 - Light to Medium Blonde

Do`s and Don`ts:

Do brush your hair really well! Mine started knotting a bit when I was applying the dye at the ends
Do start from the ends and back layers - that way they will start getting lighter faster than the rest of the hair and this is what actually creates the ombre effect
Do condition your hair really well afterwards - it will appreciate some crystals or oils as bleach is really damaging and will leave the hair dry

Don`t keep the brush horizontal all the time - when you reach the upper levels or where you want the ombre to actually start - turn it vertically, because it will help blend in your colour with the bleached colour better. Otherwise you will be left with a harsh line (although some might prefer that)
Don`t apply the dye on the same height throughout the whole hair - dye some strands higher and some lower, so that it is not too uniform and fake looking. The goal is to make the hair look as it naturally got lighter, right? :)


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