Olympic Track and Field: 10 Things We Learned from London Grand Prix Results

4 years ago

The three women try to win the track field and they run very fast to the finish line.The look like crazy women because one of them yielding and the other two was too tired of running.If they win the race they will get the grand prize because all of this years they are training and they are prepare for the track field.The three women are run fast as the can to the finish line and even they look so tired they keep running until to the finish line.They want to be the best track field runner in the Olympic.Everyone enjoy watching the Olympic track field racing.It hard to tell who going to win the race and I think one of them might will the grand prize at the Olympic.

Source link: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1261145-olympic-track-and-field-2012-10-things-we-learned-from-london-grand-prix-result

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