Olympic South Korean female fencer cheated in semi-finals!

4 years ago

Hi everyone,

So this Olympics has had its little hiccups from the Men Gymnastics team results changing, a problem with equipment that led to a US female swimmer having a false start in yesterday`s swim meet and of course Monday`s major upset:

An error in the timing of the machine led to the loss of Shin-A-lam`s semi finals fencing match up!

As you can see from the picture the young South Korean fencer was distraught while she waited for a decision to be made. She protested for a half hour I believe before they officially declared the German fencer the winner.

What was the mix up? Well Shin thought she had won the game since time was up for that final round. However, somebody added back an extra second on the clock and the other fencer apparently got her in the last move, thus winning the match.

What the hell right? I would have been crushed too!

Hear is the worst part of this matter: The Fencing organization FIE admitted they were wrong and there was a problem with the timer which led to her losing and they offered her a "special" medal that would be awarded sometime during the Olympics.

It`s like saying, hey we know we cheated you out of getting a gold or silver medal but here is a special award to say you were there...FAIL!

I really hope there isn`t more mishaps like this because it really sucks to see people go through that. It wasn`t the poor girl`s fault.

What do you think about the FIE actions?
Would you have rather a rematch or do you agree with their decision?

DISCLAIMER: photo belongs to site below, words are my own.

Source link: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/fencing-fie-award-protesting-shin-medal-230241166--spt.html

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