Olympic Fashion 2012

4 years ago

Not the sort of people to miss an opportunity, fashionistas were out if force during the Olympics, demonstrating that competition is alive and well on and off the professional athletic circuit.
Accessories Galore From crazy sunglasses lauding Ryan Reezy Lochte and Olympic ring sunglasses that could out-Elton Elton John, fashion accessories went Olympic crazy in the summer of 2012. Nail technicians had a tough time, having to work 12-hour shifts just to keep up with the demand for flag-adorned talons. To give them their due, lots of them did look fantastic. Make-up too was often over the top, with elaborate face painting such as that sported by American gold-winner DeeDee Trotter or the zany eye make-up of the Russian synchronised swimming team. Olympic rings tattoos were also big, with more than one athlete getting themselves a permanent reminder of their Olympian membership.
Colour is King Long gone are the days when tennis players wore white. Across the Olympic tennis scene the watchword is bright, with red, green and blue replacing the traditional colour. No one would notice whether there had been any a Tennis court resurfacing with so much colour to dazzle the eyes. From Maria Sharapova`s red tank top to Petra Kvitova`s royal blue, no one, it seemed, wanted to be seen in white. Another hit in the colour stakes was Nike`s neon yellow `Volt` collection of footwear. Standing out against the running track, Team USA were hard to miss with their flashing neon feet. Off the track the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, caused a stir with her own fashion footwear. Everyone, it seems, now wants a pair of Navy suede and cork wedges from Russell & Bromley, a snip at £245 a pair. Olympic spectators might have known they would be in for a colour extravaganza right from the triumphant opening ceremony. The countries paraded in their Olympic uniforms, some of which were bright in the extreme. Jamaica topped the list with its bold yellow jackets and dark trousers or skirts and Germany made a pretty pastel parade in mouthwatering shades of baby blues and pinks. Wild Hair Not even hair escaped the colour treatment, as Venus Williams demonstrated with her impressive red and blue plaits, even if they did look a little wild on the court. Other female athletes resorted to simple folded-over ponytails or scrunchies and masses of clips to keep their hair in place. Some looked spectacular, including Polish gymnast Marta Pihan Kulesza who braided her hair with glittering stripes of red and gold. At the other end of the scale was Liz Cambage, the 6`8 tall Australian basketball player. Not risking hair getting in her eyes she favoured an extremely stern look of shaved sides above the ears. London 2012 was a resounding success and Team GB did the host nation proud. It would have been a good show even without the constant parade of changing fashions that were on show. As it turned out, the light-hearted side of fashion was never far behind the will to win and everyone was entertained along the way. http://www.playrite.co.uk/sport/tennis.aspx

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