Olympians Worst Nightmares

4 years ago

All Olympians work their butt off to get where they`re at today. It takes a lot of dedication if you want to either a Gold, Silver or Bronze. Most of all to represent your own country.

Not all Olympians will make it out alive because some made a few mistakes on their turn. Let`s start with Morgan Uceny. She was aiming for a Gold medal until she tripped on her last lap and sent her tumbling to the ground. Poor thing. She left the scene with a bleeding knee. Our Olympian

Weightlifting champion Matthias Steiner accidentally dropped his 432 barbell on his neck. Ouch! Matthias wasn`t able to finished his third attempt. The Olympian champion was taken to a hospital for X-ray for his neck.

One of American man broke his leg when he ran the 4x400 meter relay at the finals. Manteo Mitchell still manage to pass his teammate the baton with his broken leg. Manteo didn`t want to let his team down so he ran even if it hurts so bad.

Germany`s Stephen Feck was in for his somersault, but lost his balance. Stephen landed on his back and the crazy part is the judges still grade his performance all zeros.

Liu Xosng was off guard when he crashed into the first hurdle at the 110-metre event. He was eliminated from the race. He suffered with Achilles problem.

Cuba`s Lazaro Borges experience an unforgettable memory. During his vault pole turn his pole snap when he flew mid-flight.

Lastly Gabriel Douglas struggled on her balance beam on their 11 days.

1. Would you be embarrass if this ever happen to you?
2. Have you ever experience any thing like this?

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