Olsen Twins Weight Changes

5 years ago

I remember watching the Olsen twins years ago when they were kids in movies and they were actually in a lot of movies that aired here. Over the time I stopped seeing them in a lot of movies and the most recent work I have seen of them was Mary Kate Olsen on Weeds years ago and I recognized her and saw how different she was.

I remember that they were subject of articles because of their extreme weight changes since they appeared on a red carpet looking very thin and people were concerned, especially for Mary Kate Olse .
It turns out there were reasons for such concerns because Mary-Kate was diagnosed with anorexia, an eating disorder where people stop eating, want to be skinny and have a distorted image of what they really look like. At the time, Mary-Kate seek help and was treated for it and even though is not something that just goes away, it seems to have helped. In the more recent pictures ( picture 2), both of them look healthier and even though she is still skinny and probably dealing with anorexia, she does appear to be better than years ago ( first picture) and more healthy.

<strong>Do you remember seeing the Olsen twins movies when they were younger? Do you also notice the difference between the 2 pictures and that she looks healthier now?</strong>

(picture 1 from the source; picture 2 - http://www.skinnyland.com/blog/2011/09/skinny-olsen-sisters-in-nyc/ )

Source link: http://www.absolutely.net/Mary-Kate_Olsen_and_Ashley_Olsen/

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