Olivia Munn Drinks While Working Out

4 years ago

This may be old news, but /member/s-mak reminded me of this story with his recent http://www.luuux.com/sport-fitness/olivia-munn-can-work-me-out?blog_id=31739 post, lol. Apparently, Olivia Munn hates working out and drinks during her workouts to trick herself into thinking she`s doing something fun. As she states, I wouldn`t run if there was a fire. I wouldn`t run anywhere. I hate running. You can see the full story http://skinnyvscurvy.com/beauty-body-image/olivia-munn-i-kinect-go-outside.html. As much as this is gonna sound weird, it *almost* sounds like a good idea...lol! But it kind of is too good to be true...personally, I find that a drink or two temporarily increases my energy and motivation. I have been known to do pilates after having a glass of wine or two. XD BUT I would caution against drinking before working out, or planning to drink while working out...you could hurt yourself, especially if you are using free weights, machines, or even just going for a jog outside. Be careful, folks! It`s already dangerous to be doing these things when you`re physically exhausted, much less inebriated!
What is your opinion on drinking and working out? Is this something you have done before? ***Photo is NOT my own; property of the source link below.

Source link: http://skinnyvscurvy.com/beauty-body-image/olivia-munn-i-kinect-go-outside.html

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