Olivia Munn Can Work Me Out!

5 years ago

Olivia Munn which is most Geek Boy`s fantasy women. Beautiful and Geeky, she is a cohost of the Cable series G4`s Attack of the Show. She`s been on numerous tv series and even wrote a book "Suck It Wonder Woman."

So how does she achieve those nice curves of her?

Here are some highlights from her interview with Shape Magazine...

"We all have that ex with the stupid dance who we love to hate, right? Mine did the jumping-up-and-down-fist-pump-in-the-air-with-an-overexcited-smile-plastered-on-his-face dance. It`s so much more fun than the alternative workouts my friends plan."

If it was only so easy for the rest of us!

Her diet?

"I made up a diet I called `If I can`t see it, I don`t eat it,`" she says in the October cover interview. "For example, if you buy a roasted chicken at the store, it sounds healthy, right? But those brown juices in the pan are made of what? Sugar? Soy sauce? If I don`t know forsure, it`s not going in my mouth."

Quotes are from: http://omg.yahoo.com/blogs/balancedliving/olivia-munn-wacky-workout-plan-163108364.html

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1) So what do you think of Olivia`s work out and diet plan?
2) Have you ever watch Attack of the Show?
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