So people have been using olive oil on their hair! Why? Because it makes your hair sooo soft! The following is how you put olive oil in your hair to make it smooth, soft, & shiny!

You can take olive oil hair treatment at home to sort out the problems related to your hair. Massaging your hair with olive oil will strengthen the roots and nourish your hair till the tips.
Take the required amount of olive oil in a small bowl. You can either warm it or use it as it is at room temperature.
Comb your hair properly to free it from knots, if any. Make equal parts of the hair and with the help of your fingertips, massage the oil onto the scalp. Applying pressure while oiling will have a wonderful effect on the scalp. You can use hot olive oil hair treatment if your hair is too frizzy.
Repeat this procedure till you have completely covered the entire portion of the head. Massage your head thoroughly with only the fingertips so that the oil spread evenly.
Loosely tie your hair into a bun and cover it with a shower cap. Now relax for about half an hour, till the oil seeps deep into the scalp and begins its effect. The longer you allow the oil to get absorbed into the scalp, the better it is.
After the stipulated time, shampoo your hair to wash off the oil and condition it. Once your hair has dried, you will notice that it appears to be shinier than before. A routine olive oil hair treatment regimen should be followed religiously if you need positive results.

So if you want to have beautiful hair (much to the envy of others) that shines with health, use extra virgin olive oil for hair and follow a proper hair care regimen, and you will notice all hair problems dissipating away. I hope your queries regarding what does olive oil do to your hair have been cleared. Repair your hair with olive oil and notice the difference for yourself.
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