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5 years ago

My boyfriend and I decided to eat at Olive Garden because I`ve been craven pasta for the past week. Luckily they were having a special-- appetizer, entree, and dessert all for $12.95. I ordered a chicken soup, garlic chicken pasta and the tiramisu dessert. It was good, the soup was better then I thought it would be. The pasta was good too, tasted like any other pasta places. The tiramisu however was NOT what I`d hope it`d taste like. It was too tart and it did not taste like tiramisu at all, I felt like he gave me the wrong dessert.

The service was okay... my server was weird because he would be professional one moment, then unprofessional another moment. I mean he was polite and everything, refilled our water and asked if our meal was okay. But he had another table to serve and they were next to us. Apparently the little girl was standing in her chair and she fell backwards with the chair. The server (our server, we had the same guy) and he asked if she fell. The father responded "yea" and the server just laughed... That was rude/weird. Then he comes back with a tray of their water and all of a sudden I saw the serve bump into the wall and spill the whole tray next to his table and just laughed it off and said "My bad haha, you see I bumped into the wall. I`ll bring new glasses" and walked away. I mean it was entertaining and all, but just very unprofessional.

Anyways, back to the topic about the food. It was delicious, the plates I ordered were a bit bland. My boyfriend ordered different dishes and his were much better then mine! I forgot what he had ordered but it was better.. =( lol

Anyone here like Olive Garden? I think it`s okay once in a while... only when they have promotions. Other then that I don`t think their prices are really worth it for something that I can make at home. Unless I`m ordering all the wrong things. What would you recommend?

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