Old people are also fashionable !

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This time i would like to write about another photo session. This is also controversial. This is about old women. It shows that we could be fashionable and it doesn`t matter how old are we. In these days we all want to be young, slim and never old. But that`s just impossible. So we are using botox and things like that. On the picutres you could see very elegant and happy ladies. If you are 50,60,70 etc you could also be trendy ! I would love to look like them because they are ... 90 years old ! It`s really hard to believe, isn`t it ? You could say ok they are about 60,70 but not 90 ! So girls don`t be afraid of getting old. We can be beautiful and stylish in every age. I know that they probably use some Photoshop tricks but still they are really pretty.
I saw similar session last week but it was disgusting. Really. Not because of models but the photograph. He or she was trying to show that old age is terrible and the end of your life. But this session is way different :)
This photos are taken by Ondine Azoualy for Pony step magazine. Models are Ratki Mayor, Vivien Bridson and Edny Mathieson.
What do you think about it ?

I added just one picture but if you like to see the rest click there ----> http://www.pudelek.pl/artykul/40210/swiat_mody_promuje_90latki/

Source link: http://www.pudelek.pl/artykul/40210/swiat_mody_promuje_90latki/

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