Old North Carolina capitol building

4 years ago

1st picture is from source link below. 2nd picture is from http://www.notduck.com/images08/nccapitol.jpg. 3rd picture is from http://s3-media1.ak.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/yzk6Wu9o5rUWUaD0ekDIOw/l.jpg.

My last must see building of North Carolina for today is the Old North Carolina capitol building. Located in the middle of the State capital of Raleigh, it was used as the State legislature meeting hall from 1835 until 1963 when the legislative branches and the state senate moved into the North Carolina State Legislative Building. However it`s still used for the offices of the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor and their staff to this day. There are several walking tours of the building each day and it is open for tours except around Christmas. The Rotunda area has several statues and busts of Famous North Carolinian political men but the most striking and unique statue is the one setting right in the middle. The ONLY statue of George Washington Depicting him in an Old Roman tunic like a Roman Solider! (pic 3) However the one that stands in the Rotunda today is a replacement since the original one was destroyed in a fire in 1831. On the second floor are the old House of Representatives Chamber and the Senate chambers that were used until 1963. You get to see just how cramped it was for the senators and Reps back then. One the 3rd floor is the old State Library Room and the State Geologist`s Office both were in use until 1888 when they moved to different buildings. The rooms now serve as a museum for how the rooms looked back in their day. Outside the building there are several bronze statues of influential and famous North Carolinians and several memorials dedicated to the North Carolina veterans of all the wars it`s been in from the Revolutionary to the Vietnam war. So If you`re looking for a place that has plenty of North Carolina`s history to it and in it, then come to the Old North Carolina State Capital building in Raleigh!

I will continue my tour tomorrow. It will include all of North Carolina`s lighthouses and more.

Source link: http://pics4.city-data.com/cpicv/vfiles8918.jpg

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