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4 years ago

Upon leaving Maine today, my boyfriend and I popped into the outlets. Or really, I requested to pop into a few outlets to possibly get some Christmas gifts. Christmas shopping in October was a bust because I didn`t find a single thing I liked. Same with at the Coach store - they had the COLOR of the bag I wanted, but no the style and I couldn`t settle because I just did not like the style of the bag :/. ANYWAY!

Popping into Old Navy I found myself looking at the hoodies. My hoodie is from almost two years ago and it`s stretched and tugged and shrunk and it was time to get a new hoodie that fit perfectly. I wanted a steep grey but they didn`t have my size, so I opted to get this burnt blue shade. I tend to have hit-or-miss luck with Old Navy, their hoodies are always perfect, most of their dresses and their shirts but I find their pants for the most part fit me so strangely. But back to my hoodie story -- I figured I could get away wearing the blue with anything more-so than a bright pink that part of me really wanted. The greatest part was everything in store (aside from certain items) was 40% off, so this ended up being $11.97.

While I was browsing around my boyfriend was looking in the men`s department. When he was done he came back over to me and told me he didn`t care for the jackets they had, but he liked this vest. Standing in the huge check-out line the men`s section with the vests were lined up so I asked him what color he liked. He went with 3 shades so I asked him how much they were. He checked and told me they were $30. I could spot the 40% off sign so I told him to grab the color of his choice and bring it over and it would be an early birthday present (his bday is tomorrow). Thankfully he went with the black (I was afraid he was going to get the camoflauge LOL!!) but this ended up being $18 after the discount. Not bad at all!

After state tax (which drives me nuts because I live in a state where there is no tax on clothing) I paid a little under $32 for the two items. Successful trip I`d say.

Are there certain items you like more than others at Old Navy?

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