Old Navy amp F21 Fitting Room Picks

I hopped on the Old Navy Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans bandwagon. I had one pair of jeans from The Gap in high school many eons ago that never really fit me right. It had a lot of waist gappage and when it finally ripped at the knee, I was kind of relieved to finally get rid of it. So assuming that The Gap & Old Navy have similar sizing, I was somewhat skeptical, but still curious.

The Gap family had always had generous sizing, so that`s one reason why I haven`t been back to revisit either Gap or ON in so many years. After hearing all the buzz about the jeans, I decided to try these on. The said jeans that I had ripped many eons ago were my only pair of white jeans and I had never gotten a replacement, so I thought this must be my chance. The Rockstar jeans are all $29 now ($34 usually).

Here are my thoughts on the jeans. Also, I don`t know if you can tell, but I`m wearing the Maybelline Toffee Tango lipstick in the pictures below. (Pretty Little Liars, anyone? That teenybopper show is my guilty pleasure.)

Pic 1 & 2 trying on sz. 2 (regular length)
The next day, I exchanged the size 4 for a size 2. I`m more happy with the way this pair fit than the rest, because it fit me decently well in the waist and had a lot less wrinkling.
However, I`d say there is still a significant amount of wrinkling around the knees, ankles, & crotch area. Not only that I noticed that these jeans were pretty see-through. You might even notice that you can see the pockets through the jeans.
I`m not sure. I bought it to contemplate some more. If only there was one in a short inseam length for me to try on.

Should I return them and keep looking for a different pair of white jeans that fit me better?

ON sheer sleeveless blouse
This was a nice, simple blouse and the polyester material felt pretty nice. I didn`t purchase, because I didn`t think it was worth the $39 or so dollars.
Plus, I already have a white long-sleeved blouse that I feel is more versatile and work appropriate.

At Forever21, I was able to locate these faux leather shorts ($19.80). I`d been curious to try these for quite some time, but never felt like I could buy them, because the climate here is rarely warm enough to wear shorts. After seeing them on many other bloggers, I felt like I didn`t want to miss out the chance to try them. Plus they were on a rack right in front of the door when I walked in and there was only one pair in size 24, which fit me well, so I took it as a sign that I should buy them. They`re not too obnoxious, since the matte, waxy coating is not shiny or obvious.
purchased the shorts
did not purchase the neon yellow sweater worn as top, material too thin and cheap feeling

passed on the blouses
Next,I tried on these long-sleeved, polyester blouses, which were too boxy and unflattering on me. The sleeves were super long and somewhat bell-shaped? The taupe colored one was especially unflattering against my skin tone. I looked like a very depressing poet, or character from a Shakespearean play. I could have tried to make them work, but I have enough inexpensive button-down blouses.

I believe this sleeveless, heart-print dress was $13.80. I remember it being on the website recently, but I can`t locate the link anymore. I purchased it, because it was so cheap, and I thought the heart print was something fun and different from what I`m used to.

Lastly, I tried on this graphic t-shirt in a art/sketch print. I thought the city-like backdrop reminded me of the SOMA district and the bike rider made me reminiscent of all the bike-riding I did in college. This is a men`s medium, but I pulled the neckline up, and pulled down the back of the shirt so that it wouldn`t be such a plunging v-neck. I bought it to give it to my boyfriend, since he used to do some sketching and he`s an avid bike rider.
Would anyone like to see a picture of him wearing the shirt and see how well it fits him instead of me?

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