Old MPIO Necklace Mp3 Player

4 years ago

I remember back in high school, owning an MP3 player with more than 256 mb of storage was amazing!

This was one of my old mp3 players. Unfortunately, I have to use a sourcelink photo as mine actually exploded on me! It was one of the first mp3 players that did not require a battery. It ran on lithium ion and one 3 hour charge could keep it going for 10 hours. However, as it was one of the first to use lithium ion, it was not as stable and one day, it overheated while charging and the tiny thing exploded!

I remember buying this for $300 because it was 1 gb and it was considered top of the line. The best part was that it looked like a necklace that you would wear around your neck. It was similar to the size of our ipod nanos now but a bit longer and it`s completely metallic blue. It also won several design awards.

I remember this mp3 player well =) I wish I could find another one nowadays that looks just as amazing as this one. But sadly, they don`t make these anymore.

Just wanted to show you guys some old school mp3 players that I used to own =) These bring back good nostalgic memories for me and I hope some of the older LUUUX members, such as myself (I`m 22) would enjoy these as well. Technology sure advances fast!

*photo is sourcelinked*


Source link: http://the-gadgeteer.com/2005/09/22/mpio_1gb_necklace_mp3_player/

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