Olay Smooth Finish: review:)

Hey girlies! I was thinking of what I should post next, and I thought, why not this?

So basicly this hair removal cream is suppose to take all of the hair off your upper lip in a pain-free six minutes. I have to say, it works. The first time I used it though, I burned myself real bad. My mom said she thought I kept it on for to long so the next time I used it I cut a few minutes off and I was fine. What I like though, is that it takes ALL of the hair off, unlike my results if I try to wax it myself. I am actually thinking of using this a day after I wax, just for little strays.

The only draw backs are that:

1st, Results don`t last nearly as long as waxing. Hair starts growing back in about 3 days or so. For me it takes maybe a week or a week in a half to notice by looking in the mirror. If you want something that lasts longer, I would recommend waxing.

And 2nd, This might not work well for people for sensitive skin. Like I said, It burned! I was seriously putting aloe on my lip every 2 hours. I don`t want to scare you out of it, but take precaution.

last, I woul say that for a product of it`s kind, It would be a good five out of five. It is fast, easy and effective. This is very good for beauty emergencies, because it is fast and there is no mess. It could easily be taken on vacation as well.

This might be one of the best products of its kind; And I will buy it again. What do you think? Comment!

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