Olay ProX Facial cleansing system

4 years ago

Hey everyone!!

Ok so I know Im probably the billionth person to review this product, but Im just super excited about my results. First the whole reason why I bought this was because due to the it being cold my face gets super dry and flakey, its just not cute. I know I have to moisturize and drink plenty of water but I have eczema and no matter how religious I am about my routine I still get pretty bad dry spots. Of course my first option was the Clarisonic, unfortunately its not in the budget seeing how its Christmas. I have to make sure I can get everyone on my list something before I get greedy. So seeing how the Olay ProX is $30 and the Clarisonic is 149+ (depending on which one you get).

I opted for the Olay one. I have to say I was worried about it due to the fact that was only $30, but am pleasantly surprised. It came with everything I needed down to the batteries. Im not going to lie I did have some trouble opening it to put them in though, I felt like a dork ^-^. The bristles are super soft yet tough enough to do the job. It goes in a circular motion and has two speeds, I use mine on the faster speed, I feel it gets more dirt off. I use my Clinique liquid facial soap because I didnt like the one that came with it, I didnt feel as clean as I do with the Clinique. Over all I love it, my skin looks way better. No more dry patches for me!!

So I do have some questions for anybody who has used this, Clarisonic, or even both. For those who have the Olay one, any issues I should look out for? For those of you that have the Clarisonic, is it really worth the price? Any issues with that one? For those of you that have both, which do you prefer and why?

As always thank you for reading and have a good one!

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