Olay Pro-X advanced cleansing system!

3 years ago

Hello everyone!!
For a long time ive wanted some type of spinning brush to help wash my face since ive been having tons of breakouts and my skin was just out of control! A few months ago i went to walmart and checked out the Olay Pro-X advanced cleansing system. I have looked at the clarasonic which everyone loves and adores but for me thats a bit expensive so unless i get it as a gift or discounted i dont really see myself dishing out that much cash, call me cheap if you want! lol. I looked at lots of reviews online for the Olay Pro-x and for the majority they`re pretty good! So i went for it, i was super excited to see that when i went to purchase it at walmart they have a limited edition pink version, of course i loved it even more! It retailed for $30 which isnt bad, it also brings with it a cleansing brush and a exfoliating renewal cleanser. The cleanser i havent used yet because im already using one and i dont like using several of the same products at once just in case one has a bad effect on my skin plus it just makes it tough to finish all those products! The brush has a power button and a speed button for 2 speeds. It is water resistant but i try my best to not get any water on it. Since it is to exfoliate i dont use it daily, just about 2-3 times a week so i dont over-exfoliate my skin and make it dull. So far this has worked amazing for me! I`ve seen a huge change in my skin, it`s more clear and i dont break out as much. My face feels super clean after each use, it removes makeup and afterwards my face feels nice and firm. I dont like that when the brush spins a little water can splash here and there and the brush doesnt allow my cleanser to foam as much as i like. The brush itself isnt that big but i dont mind that because i can easily maneuver it around my face. Now i just need to find a way to store it because i still have it on the plastic thing it came it. hehe. I would recommend this for anyone that`s looking for something like this but doesnt want to dish out $100+ on the clarisonic.

Have you ever tried the Olay Pro-x or the clarisonic?

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