Olay Complete Touch Of Foundation Moisturiser Review!

4 years ago

This product has been out a while but I have strong feelings about it, so I decided to share my personal opinion of this product with you guys.

I have owned this product for a while but haven`t used it often. When I did use it, it was because I wanted a quick bit of colour as I went to work early in the mornings and couldn`t be bothered to do a full face of makeup. Now when I wore this, I always got compliment off work mates telling me I looked "healthy" and "tanned", but everytime I`ve applied it I`ve felt like it`s left my skin such an odd, patchy colour. No matter if I shake or don`t shake, apply a little or a lot, go over the patchy parts again, I`m still left with an uneven application and I feel so self concious when I wear it.

The application itsself isn`t too great either. I find it very heavy even though it`s a moisturiser with a touch of foundation, my skin feels very heavy and clogged. It`s a thick mixture and a good word to use I guess would be gooey. Not enjoyable to put on my skin.

For the experience I had with it, I definitely would not pay as much for a similar product. I think I paid around £6 - £8 about a year ago. I dislike it a hell of a lot and unfortunately can not find a single positive thing to say about it. Even the lightest shade (fair) was too dark for me. It left a line around my hairline which was unsightly.

As always with my reviews where I do not like a product, I must emphasize that this is MY OWN PERSONAL VIEWS, you may purchase it and enjoy it so don`t be disheartened!

Thanks for reading! x

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