Oklahoma Thunder!!

4 years ago

I remember Oklahoma the musical, but the Thunder, Really?! Wow, good for them. I am so happy the Lakers didn`t make it, I could spit, but now im pushing for Boston in the east.

So What do you think? I think they can pull it out and the old geezers can still get a run at the playoffs.

Did Oklahoma city even have any fans before this year? My goodness, where did they even come from. I guess thats what a little buying power can do for you.

My mind has been more focused on the game in the east, but I can only assume Durant has been paving the way for Oklahoma Thunders, am I right?

It was definately nice to see the old lady (Spurs) try to pull it out and get so close. The Spurs old heads are really pushing the kids at the court.

107-99 in overtime is a mighty good hustle by both sides. But ultimately there can be only on and the San Antonia Spurs once again are packing up there saddles (slow cowboy music).

Somehow the spurs managed 20 straight game wins and then, 4 straight losses in seven days. When it really came down to competition the just didn`t hit hard enough. Tim Duncan, a four time champin admitted, "This was our time but it ends here". So now we wait for Boston and Miami to see which one of them pull out the final win to go to the NBA playoffs!

Who do you think will win!!!??

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