Okay the best Lengthening and volumizing mascara!!(: see for yourself

So my lashes are not long at all :( , and to top it off I don`t have much eyelashes. I`ve tried so many mascaras and my favorite was the telescopic mascara because it gave me decent length(for having small lashes the difference was pretty big I thought)
BUT I later stumbled on this 3d fiber lash mascara, I saw a lot of pictures of people`s lashes, I started to do my research on YouTube and the mascara seemed to work great so I figured I`d try it out. I got it and I got hooked on it! Bought one for my mom too and she loved it, also she is usually picky and doesn`t like any mascara, her lashes are short too but she noticed a difference with this mascara.

Guys the pictures don`t do any justice, If you could see in person you would really notice the huge difference this mascara got me so excited and I felt like I was wearing fake lashes I also kept getting compliments(: so I can say it`s a yes for me! See in the pictures you can`t even see my lashes:( lol on the picture with no mascara, they`re super small!!!
:( all those pics are of my eyes first one I`m wearing contacts(: (sterling silver(:)

The mascara comes with two tubes, one the gel and the other one is the fiber, you add the gel (which is black so it`s basically mascara) and then you add fiber and the fiber is what makes them fuller and longer. You can add as many coats as you want until you get the results you want you just have to be careful when you apply it so you won`t make a mess.

This is by far my favorite mascara I am hooked I can notice the difference and now feel so weird when I wear only regular mascara ha..:/ but I love this one and makes me feel even more confident because you can actually see my lashes and they look quite long(:

If you want to give it a shot and purchase you can get it with me!!(: I`m starting to sell it and their products since I loved it so much
My link is
Check it out if you`d like or are in need of a new mascara that will add volume and length to your lashes(: also there`s more makeup on the website not just mascara (:
It`s 29 bucks, but it lasts a good while to be honest and for making your lashes super long it`s totally worth it.

I will post more about it and show more pictures youniqueproducts younique3dfiberlashmascara youniquemoodstruck3dfiberlashmascara

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