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4 years ago

Okay so last week i made a post sharing a couple new blogs i`ve made, well today i created another one and it`s my last one or else i`m going to be overwelmed with them! What is my third blog about? well it`s all about my passion for Disney! If you know me you know i have a semi-unhealthy obsession with everything Disney. This blog is going to follow my disney obsession, but also my journey with Disney and why it means so much. My love for Disney is really personal, and it`s something i don`t share often and i actually had a hard time putting it into words, but i did my best in my first blog post their. This doesn`t mean you won`t be seeing my Disney Obsession here, because i love sharing everything Disney with Everyone! But sometimes my disney posts aren`t always fitting here on Luuux, this way i can share EVERYTHING! Okay onto the blog! http://madforthehatter.blogspot.com/ my link and Blog titled are inspired by my two FAVORITE Disney Movies, Alice in Wonderland being Mad For the Hatter, and Peter Pan being the Ginger Darling (inspired by Wendy) I`m really excited about this blog, and i really hope to find some other Disney lovers out there!!! Here are links to my other blogs: http://65yellowroses.blogspot.com/ http://gingeyinthekitchen.blogspot.com/ Thank you to everyone who`s viewed and followed :) I am very grateful to have you! and I hope to keep you entertained and keep it useful!
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Source link: http://allabout-disney.tumblr.com/

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