Okami HD on PS3

Okami, Capcom`s modern classic which was released on PS2 and then the Wii, you can receive a new version soon - remastered in high definition for the PlayStation 3. The rumor comes from the site Andriasang, who says he received information about something called Okami Zekkie-ben (Okami Magnificent edition).

The site does not give certainty about the existence of the remastered version of Okami for the PS3 and asks the fans awaiting the release of the Famitsu magazine this week. "If the rumor is true, will appear in Famitsu this week if it can not be ignored," says the text.

In Okami, the player controls the goddess mythological Amaterasu, which has the form of a fine white lobe. With the help of a little creature, the player can use a kind of magic paintbrush that has the ability to change the scenery around you as well as attack enemies with the power of your magical path.

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