Octopush-Underwater Hockey

5 years ago

When humans get bored, it is incredible the things that they can create... And our imagination goes beyond everything... That`s why we evolved so much, that`s why we are the most advanced specie in our world and that`s why we can create things like this: Octupush, the underwater hockey game!

Well, this game was created in 1950, so it can be considered a game with a long history I think... Apparently it is most famous in Australia and in Europe (yeah, Europe except Portugal... I never heard about this game before). I don`t know the number of official teams or Octopush players around the world, but I can imagine that it is not in the top of most played games.

To play this game you`ll need:
- one glove
- a mask
- a snorkel
- a pair of fins
- a stick
- a pool (obviously)
- special hockey disk

Then, you just need to have six players on each team and you`re ready to go!

Like I said, I never heard about this game before, but after watching the video, you can easily understand that this is a very simple game, with simple rules, but it demands a lot of physical effort and a great dive capability, specially because you need to control your breath during the whole game (that normally is divided in two parts with 15 minutes each). If you ever played water polo, you know that it is a very difficult game... So imagine a game where you actually need to dive and spend a lot of time at the bottom of the pool.

Anyway, I really need to try this... It seems to be a lot of fun.

Have you ever played this game? Have you ever heard about it before? What do you think about it?

Video Source link:

Source link: http://www.sussexdiving.co.uk/octopush.html

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