Octopush quotUnderwater Hockeyquot

5 years ago

In the roots of United Kingdom there`s a sport you`ll be surprise to see and hear about! I thought it was bizarre when I first read about it! Lol

Octopush, not Octopus! :D Octopush is another term for underwater hockey. Interesting isn`t it? With this sport it attracts people who are at 13-60 years of age! Female and male do take part of this sport. This sport consists of swimming, diving and hockey. 

I, on the other hand can`t do neither. Lol Each teams are split into six people to be fair and square. Equipment you will need are fins, masks, snorkels, etc. This type of sports are played under water which usually take place under water. 

I don`t think I can play this even it was brought over here to the states. I can`t swim for one, I have a fear of diving for two and finally three I`ve never played hockey before. Lol 

1. 1. Are you up and fit for this sport?
2. How long can you hold your breath?

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Source link: http://www.tntmagazine.com/lifestyle-career/health-and-beauty/fitness/mad-sports-londons-weird-and-wacky-alternative-sports

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