October Glam Bag Sneak Peak #1 (Possible spoiler)

Hello everyone!!!
So I thought it would be really fun to talk about the Ipsy (Myglam) sneak peaks and between all of us I`m sure we will be able to figure out what each sneak peak is. The first sneak peak for the October glam bag is a mascara. I actually already own one of these so I knew instantly what it was! The product is The Balm`s What`s your type? black mascara which retail for $19 full-sized. The only real guessing is whether it is "The Body Builder" or "Tall, Dark, and Handsome". Now in my opinion based on the slenderness of the bottle it has to be "tall, dark, and handsome" because "the body builder" has a curve too it, but being a sample that could change everything. Still my final answer is "tall, dark, and handsome" What do you guys think???

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*All answers to spoilers are purely guesses and you can never know for sure until the bag arrives*
*Pictures are NOT mine
first picture http://www.ipsy.com/product/p-h7nhpw6pjq673d2/Top_Secret_Brand/October_Glam_Bag_Sneak_Peak_%231
Second Picture https://www.thebalm.com/makeup/wytmascara.htm *

Source link: http://www.ipsy.com/product/p-h7nhpw6pjq673d2/Top_Secret_Brand/October_Glam_Bag_Sneak_Peak_%231

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