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4 years ago

Hello lovely`s!!
Today i going to show you some products that i ended on the past month. I`ve been testing a lot of products lately and i like to share with you my opinion about some of them. Hope you like it.
Hand Cream - This hand cream was given to me by the mother of my boyfriend (she) and it`s from a brand that i never find here for sale. I liked this hand cream a lot it moisturizes my hand skin really well. I have to find out more about this brand.
Yves Rocher Purifying Shampoo - I bought this shampoo on sale for 3 and it had 200ml of product which was a great deal. This shampoo promises to leave your hair clean and limit the oil production for oily hair. Well i liked it, this left my hair really clean but if turned my hair a little dry sometimes.

My Label conditioner - This is a supermarket brand that we have in Portugal. I hated this product, it done nothing for my hair it didn`t leave the hair soft even if i left that on my hair for a long time. I don`t recommend it.

Cranberry Joy Shower Gel - I loved this bath shower from The Body Shop, i bought on sale in the beginning of the year and it has a wonderful scent. It smell really good and it cleans the skin without drying it. I definitely want to buy this again if i find it.
Yves Rocher Volumen Shampoo - I bought this shampoo at the same promotion as the Puritying one that i talked earlier. This shampoo it`s suposed to give some volume to the hair, but for me it didn`t work. It cleanes the hair but don`t give volume to it.
Chocomania Shower Gel - This shower gel have a wonderful chocolate scent each time that i used on my showers i wanted to eat it. But the packaging has a signal to not eat it in any circumstances just to be clear. This was a limited collection from The Body Shop and if i find this again i would definitely buy it again.

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