Ocracoke Lighthouse North Carolina

4 years ago

1st picture is from source link below. 2nd picture is from http://www.coastalguide.com/aa_SiteObjects/aa_coastalIMAGES/geo-SPECIFIC/Outer-Banks-Region-Pix/Ocracoke-Island-Pix/ocracoke-island-lighthouse-7020.jpg

Now continuing my tour of must see buildings of North Carolina we come to Ocracoke Lighthouse. Located on Ocracoke Island, this 75 feet (about 23 meters) tall lighthouse is the shortest "tall" lighthouse on the North Carolina coast that still stands today. After "Old Baldy" lighthouse was decommissioned Ocracoke Lighthouse became the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in the North Carolina Coast and one of the oldest in North America having had been 1st constricted in 1798. This lighthouse actually has a pretty uneventful history, but that`s what has also saved it during 2 wars. During the American Civil War the lighthouse suffered only very light damage; the only damage being that the Confederates only dismantled its lens. The Union restored the lens after the war. And during WWII the Germans never had the lighthouse as a potential target to destroy, unlike almost all the other lighthouses along the eastern seaboard of the US. Now a days the Lighthouse keeper`s old cottage now serves as both a museum and visitor`s center AND storm shelter during hurricanes becasue the lighthouse and cottage are located on the highest point of the island. During the Summer the lighthouse is open to the public, however the spiral staircase inside is NOT open to the public becasue it is used by maintenance crews only. So if you`re looking to go to a lighthouse with a simple past and a simple flavor to it, then the Ocracoke Lighthouse is the perfect place to visit!

Source link: http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~jmack/photos/ocrabig.jpg

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