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4 years ago

Hello! Ive always loved unconventional items and, in my opinion, there is nothing better than something unique and fun to brighten up the day. Thats why I love these watches, because I havent seen anything like them before. They are so unusual that I dont even know where to start, actually. First of all the watch is made out of two pieces the bracelet and the mechanism and you can actually detach the mechanism and put it on another bracelet. That makes the product so easy to use and so versatile, dont you think? Moreover, the straps have no buckle! Now, when I first saw that I was kind of confused on how Im going to fit my hand through the small bracelet but then I saw that its elasticized.it was kind of a relief. The straps are made out of silicone and they come in all the colors of the rainbow. If you want to you can buy a mechanism and more straps to match different outfits.more fun looks with less money! Last but not the least the watch mechanisms have different designs to fit every taste. I got a Goofy and a Mickey from their Disney collection, one with numbers and one in color purple but they also have a very nice 80s collection that I wish I had. Im absolutely crazy about the Mickey Mouse one.it looks so cool. It reminds me of the magazines I was reading as a kid and it makes me feel so childish. Also it looks great when I stack bracelets with it. The purple one I wore when I went to work out and it looked cute with my sport clothes and I actually forgot it on my wrist showered with it and its still working (thank God!) So, this is my experience with Oclock watches and, as a conclusion, theyre really worth the money because youll get something unique and fun for 24 Euro. If you want to check them out http://fullspot.it/ for the Italian website and http://www.oclock-uk.com/ for UK. Also,if you live in US you can find them http://oclock.bigcartel.com/ Thank you for reading ! Disclaimer: I was offered the products for review purposes, but the content is written by me based on my experience with the items. The pictures are mine, please dont use them. fashion

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