Obese? They have a Pill for that!

4 years ago

I`m more of a believer of eating right and exercise. But for some of us in which our fitness has run away from us there is hope now. The FDA has approved a weight loss pill "Belviq", the first in over a decade. (Keep in mind that a LOT of the weight loss stuff on the market are NOT FDA approved!)

Does it mean it`s safe and it works if it`s FDA approved? Um, well buyer`s beware! FDA has approved stuff in the past that over time has proven deadly to us. In fact studies of this drug has show an increase in tumors for animals. From that the drug was originally declined. But the company came back with data that showed tumors in humor was LESS likely to happen. APPROVED!

Before you RUN out and buy this new drug with a side of a 16 oz Filet Mignon Burger with a bottle of a Thousand Island dressing as sauce. There are strict requirements before you can prescribe this pill. You have to be considered obese by your doctor and have at least one medical complication such as Diabetes or High Cholesterol.

Again for me, if you can avoid all that by changing your lifestyle now by exercising and eating right. Do so. Who wants to pop a pill which MAY or may NOT be safe for you.

Talk the TALK
1) If you had a choice to be fit by either exercise or just taking a pill, would you opt for the pill?
2) Don`t you wish they had a pill for ugliness? (My spouse tells me I need one every day... Kidding...)

Source link: http://www.fatburnersreviewed.net/news/obesity-ups-cancer-death-risk-in-asia-pacific-region

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