Obama`s Credit Card DECLINED

When you swipe your credit card, do you feel safe? Do you feel that your information is being protected? Lately there have been data breaches affecting tons of customers at Target, Home Depot, Bank of America and Chase, and so forth! At all locations I shop at and it`s pretty scary. No one wants to go through the inconvenience of having their information stolen, used, etc and taking forever to recover the lost money right?

Obama is pushing to improve credit card security by January 2015 for all US government issued cards have to obtain a chip and PIN technologies and new credit card readers!

~ What is a PIN card? When swiping your card, you`ll need a special code number (basically a pin#) instead of a signature so you can`t forge a signature.

On a funny side, Obama`s personal credit card was recently denied while dining for dinner with his family in New York.

Why? Obama thought there was something fraudulent but it turns out his card was declined because of infrequent use, ha! Luckily his wife, Michelle had her card.

What do you think of credit card security? I think it`s a great idea because I use my credit cards majority of the time and I would love to be protected from hackers/breaches!

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Source link: http://www.10news.com/news/u-s-world/obama-moves-to-improve-credit-card-security?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=fanpage

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