Obama Disses Kayne amp Kim

3 years ago

Hey everyone! If you haven`t heard, President Obama recently made an announcement that offended both Kayne West and Kim Kardashian. I wouldn`t really call it a diss but apparently both Kim and Kayne do. I think its because they want to draw more attention to themselves, as always. After all Kayne did come out to comment on what he thought about the so-called dissed. If you haven`t heard about what President Obama said, I`ll post the link to it below but its mostly about how Obama thinks that the American Dream isn`t what it used to be, which I definitely agree. He says that nowadays, people tend to care more about what the celebrities are doing and/or wearing than about what is happening in the world. For instance, whenever I watch the news, its mostly about celebrities than about the important issues in life. Let me know what you guys think after you read Obama`s comment.
QUESTIONS: Do you guys think it was a diss or is Kayne just trying to draw more attention to himself and his baby mama?
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