Obama and Abortion

4 years ago

I understand that the image above can be hard to see but everyone needs to see them. All I ask for this blog is that you read it with an open mind and heart, watch the video link at the end then you can comment on it.
This is a blogging site where people post about things they feel strongly about so it reflects in their writing and this is something that I feel very strongly about! So do bare with me, please. What is abortion? The removal of a baby from the Uterus to kill him/her because of the mothers decision. Before I start I want to say that my mother had an abortion, and she regrets it deeply now and her views have changed so if you have had one, please do not think I am pointing the finger at you. I am simply trying to get the word out to decrease these terribly high numbers.
When one becomes pregnant, that is when it becomes murder. I have no problem with PREVENTION. Birth control does not kill a fertilized egg that is forming a baby but the second your doctor says you are pregnant, you have a baby forming inside you. People justify this by saying well it`s a fetus, not a baby. Well, when does it become a human being to you with value and not trash? Look up a picture of a 6 week old baby in the womb.. it has a heartbeat. Americans have been brainwashed. If you would have said something about this proceeder, I don`t know... 100 years ago people would have been horrified but now it is so bad that if one person, just ONE, agreed with me on here I would be absolutly shocked! Out of all the people on this site I do not expect one to feel the way I do. We are slowly lowering our values as a culture.
Obama first was for abortion and now is for live birth abortion- half in and half out abortion! How can this not break your heart? How can you vote for someone like Obama. Do your research on these things and see what it is that he is really standing for. I literally write this blog with tears in my eyes. There are about 1.3 MILLION abortions in the US alone every year. Can you imagine seeing that many dead babies that never once even had a chance to live or defend themselves.
Before you post any comment to this, PLEASE watch this life changing video. I promise you won`t be dissappointed. I have heard nearly all the justifications- whether it be rape or "It`s the mothers choice to kill her baby" or even the mother feels she can`t take care of the child or him/her will have a bad quality of life.. This video will help you to understand the answers to these justifications and why they are still wrong. That`s all I ask, watch the video before you get offended and start getting angry. I hope this can change your heart on the situation and maybe help the American people not allow Obama in office. Thank You for reading!


The pictures are not mine they come from the source link and from http://www.wnd.com/2006/07/37080/.

Source link: http://prorege-forum.com/forum_entry.php?id=6492&page=0&category=abortion&order=time

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