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5 years ago

Hey Guys ! So today I wanted to post a post (lol) on Bubz Infamous Oatmeal Mask/Cleanser. When I watched this video when it first came out, I was really suprised how well it works for her ! When I tried it out myself for the first time, It really made my skin feel and look really soft and clean. The only thing that sucks it can really clog your sink, it did to mine !So before actually doing step one, I place a paper towel, and keep it on the sink until I am done. You can use a regular towel, just dont throw it out lol (: So what I do is:

1. Have a handful of oatmeal (you dont need that much) under luke warm water (I prefer when its hotter). Keep it under till it is slightly cooked and soft.
2. Massage into your face, and keep it on till it slighly tightens.
3. Rinse, and gently pat down your face with a towel !

Your face will feel and look beautiful !

Bubz Post ! Check it out for WAAY more indept info:

Bubz Video, for a visuuuual :

Thanks for reading, and my pictures, so please do not use !

**Though these are my pictures, this is not my idea, Im simply putting it on luuux to share with you guys if you havent seen bubz post or video (im sure alot of you have cause shes amazing!) Please do not think Im stealing her idea.**

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